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FREE "Tribal Frame"
Free for Sanqunetti Design Facebook Group Members. Please
visit and download from the files section on Facebook!
Sanqunetti Design

"Lets Hang Out"
Let's Hang Out lettering, accented with a cute bat and
spider webs too, means SPOOKtacular fun for you!
Sanqunetti Design

Semi Exclusive "Halloween Cats"
Adorable cats ready to 'pounce' on Halloween!
Great price! Personal and commercial use!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Blue Bird Quilt Blocks"
Includes 12 vector graphic blocks, to help inspire
your next quilt. Ideal for fans of bluebirds!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Design Squares"
Includes 10 intricately detailed blocks, perfect for
inspiring stamps, pyrographers and embroidery digitizers!
Diddybag Graphics

"Creepy Halloween Cocktail"
Accented with eyeball olives, a peeking spider,
web and some happy pumpkins. BOOGA BOOGA!
Sanqunetti Design

Semi Exclusive "Flirty Hunny Hen" With 10 graphics!
Cluck, cluck, cluck! You'll want to come over and
see the entire set of these darling, flirty hens!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Autumn is Here"
This set will inspire you to create bookmarks, ornaments,
quilt blocks and cutwork! Color it, or make colorwork!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Teapot Houses Borders"
So adorable. Use them alone, or combine them to make an
adorable border! 12 full color and 12 linart included!
Diddybag Graphics

"Surfboard Penguin Lineart"
This cute and cool clipart features a surfboard, sun,
palm tree and beach ball next to the penguin.
Sanqunetti Design

"Halloween Cupcake"
A SPOOKalicious, Halloween Cupcake with spider and
candy corn. Great for inspiring Halloween crafts!
Sanqunetti Design

Semi Exclusive "Autumn Things"
Sunflowers, pumpkins, wheat, wreathes and more
fun Fall things. Commercial use welcomed.
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Hummingbirds & Flowers"
12 beautiful hummingbirds doing what they do best, enjoying
nectar from blossoms! Flutter over to get yours today!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Rose Parade"
5 gorgeous rose themed wedges are included,
perfect for inspiring free standing lace creations!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Heartfelt Florals"
12 lacy looking hearts are included for romantic
occasions or use on Valentine's Day. So dainty!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Happy Hedgehogs"
Includes 10 adorable hedgie designs in full color
and 10 lineart. Spin on over to get yours today!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Christmas Sunbonnet Blocks"
Sweet sunbonnets, getting ready for the holidays! 10 full
color and 10 lineart versions included! Total graphics: 20!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "12 Days of Christmas"
12 exquisitely detailed graphics you can leave
as lineart or color in for full color graphics!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Lace Motif Patterns"
Includes 12 intricate and stunningly beautiful, vector
graphics, ideal for inspiring quilters and all crafters!
Diddybag Graphics

"Retro Race Car"
Perfect for party invitations, applique, art prints and
other paper crafting. High quality and clean art.
Sanqunetti Design

Semi Exclusive "Happy Halloween Bears"
Includes 10 full color and 10 lineart, vector
graphics for SPOOK-tacular, Halloween fun!
Diddybag Graphics

UnLimited Vector "Bee Bear"
Look what we stumbled upon...a hive of rare Bee Bears!
Come see the rest and grab your set today! BZZZZZZ!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Snowman Blocks"
Includes 12 vector graphic blocks, featuring cute snowmen,
who are more than ready for Winter and Christmas!
Diddybag Graphics

UnLimited Vector "Grandparents Rules"
Kids will love this, because clearly what they can't do at
mom and dad's, they CAN do at grandma and grandpa's!
Diddybag Graphics