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"Tropical Birds"
Tropical Birds include cockatoo, peacock, parrots,
toucan, flamingo, hibiscus, flowers & tropical leaves
Sanqunetti Design

FREE thru Sunday, 3/30! "Fruit Smoothie"
Fruit smoothie, in blender, with strawberry & banana.
After Sunday, find this graphic in the singles section at
Sanqunetti Design

Semi Exclusive "Spring Floreale" With 17 graphics!
ATTN: Only 1 Set Left! Get it Today!
Commercial use welcomed! Free layaway available!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exc "Jacobean Tulips & Florals" With 17 graphics!
ATTN: There is Only 1 Set Left! Don't Delay!
FREE layaway available. Commercial or personal use!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Rosa Paisley Jacobean"
ATTN: Only 2 Sets, at Just $14.99 are Left! HURRY!
Lovely and versatile! Commercial use welcomed!
Diddybag Graphics

"I Don't do Mornings, Glamorous Glenda"
Glenda is shown with a woman's work is never done, beauty
is in the eye of the beholder and I don't do mornings!
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

"Get Well Nurses"
Includes nurses, stethoscope, jar of cotton balls,
first aid kit, medicine and hypodermic needle.
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

"Follow Your Heart Wordart"
Includes Love you, auntie, grammy, granny, grandma,
nana, ma, mother, mammie, mama, mom and mommy!
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

Unlimited "Tiny Turtles" Lineart included!
Turtle, turtle! If they start now, they will make it to
your projects just in time. Commercial use welcomed!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Unicorn"
Just over the rainbow, and past the cloud on the left live
this herd of Alicorns, the winged versions of Unicorns!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Antique Sewing Machines"
10 gorgeous, sewing machines in glorious, full color. Also
includes 10 multi-color, lineart versions. Total graphics: 20!
Diddybag Graphics

"Panda Face"
A cute little panda face with a flower on her ear. Quality
clipart, great for inspiring embroidery and applique creations!
Sanqunetti Design

"Easter Chicks"
CHEEP! That's the call of the Easter Chick! Celebrate
Easter with chicks, Easter eggs and more Easter fun!
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

"Easter Greetings"
Easter basket, eggs and bunnies! All are ideal for your
Easter projects! Complete with Easter greetings.
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

"Easter Sunday Lilly"
Lilly the Lamb is ready for a happy Easter. Lilly is shown
with a Cross, Easter basket and more Easter goodness!
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

Semi-Exclusive "Victorian Sunflowers"
Includes 16 different graphics, we've only shown
you part of what comes with this stunning set!
Diddybag Graphics

Unlimited Vector Set "Finger Puppet Animals"
Use as inspiration for your next puppet set! Cat, elephant, lamb,
bear, lion, penguin, rooster, duck, cow and giraffe included!
Diddybag Graphics

REDUCED! Semi-Exclusive, Vector Graphic Sets!
In need of top quality, vector graphic sets that offer
versatility? Inspire other works AND use as cutting files!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Vintage Ovals" With 10 graphics!
If you love the old fashioned, and highly decorated
sugar eggs of yesteryear, this fun set's for you!
Diddybag Graphics

Semi Exclusive "Boy & Girls Sunbonnet Gardening"
These 10 darling girls and boys are having the time
of their lives gardening with cute 'twiggy' corners!
Diddybag Graphics

"Easter Bunny" EXCLUSIVE!
This sweet bunny is hopping down the bunny trail
with 2 Easter eggs in his Easter basket!
Whimsy Doodles Graphics

Unlimited Vector Set "Rabbits in the Garden"
Comes with 10 silly looking bunnies, as well as
10 lineart versions. Commerial use welcomed!

Semi Exclusive "Cutwork Lace Ovals"
12 gorgeous, vector graphic ovals, intended to inspire
your next machine embroidery cutwork creation!

Semi Exclusive "Sunbonnet Summer Girls"
10 multi-color, lineart sunbonnets, having fun in the sun! Care
to join them for lounging about or building a sandcastle?