Frequently Asked Questions!

1) What is DigiFavs?

DigiFavs is a site that actively and dynamically promotes machine embroidery designs and related products, including software. There are multiple vendors, along with their products at DigiFavs being represented.

2) How long has DigiFavs been in business?

DigiFavs was launded in January 2006.

3) How much does it cost to join DigiFavs?

Prices can be as low as just under $7 per month and up. Pricing at DigiFavs is based on frequency of use, combined with the size of one's banner as well as where it's located from the homepage here: Additionally, how much a vendor invests in their advertising is entirely up to them.

4) Once I have joined DigiFavs, how do I go about uploading my product information?

Once a vendor joins DigiFavs, a link will be provided to them where they can create a Secure Login, this is where you will visit each time you wish to log in and upload product information, or login to edit out old sale information etc., or even fix spelling errors.

5) How often can I upload product information to DigiFavs?

That depends on the size and placement of ones banner. Full service vendors can upload up to 3X per day.

6) Do I upload the actual product, or does DigiFavs redirect to my product where it's sold?

DigiFavs advertises your product to a targeted market, when customers see your product either at DigiFavs, or via our newsletter, customers are sent directly to your site or store.

7) What if I don't have a website, what if I sell on Etsy or at an Embroidery Design Mall?

DigiFavs can link to any URL, whether it's your own site, a store at an online mall, and even Etsy and similar.

8) Can you guarantee a return on my investment (ROI)?

No one can realistically guarantee a vendor will get sales. We can only get potential customers to your product and site, what they do thereafter, such as making purchases, is beyond our control. Any site that guarantees you sales no matter what, is making a questionable claim in our opinion.

9) Does DigiFavs provide tracking of visits and sales for vendors?

No, that is the job of the vendor themselves.

10) How can I maximize my sales thru DigiFavs?

Upload product information regularly. In short, if the site is not used by the vendor themselves, the site can't possibly work for them. Consistency and staying in the eye of the public is key. Vendors simply must make use of the site, in order to see a return on their ROI.

11) How long does it take after I upload my product informaton, before my product appears in the gallery for customers to see?

Your product will be available for customers to shop and purchase immediately*.

12) How long are products shown in DigiFavs galleries?

This is largely dependent on the vendor, there are two modes of product presentation at DigiFavs currently. Active = The product is actively seen in the gallery, at the current time, how long it's displayed is determined by the vendors choice of "thru" date. Active/Dormant = The product is not actively seen in the gallery, but can still be found via DigiFavs dedicated search feature, complete with a product description and full color picture.

13) Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, we have a newsletter of double-opt in subscribers, and all of our newsletter issues are archived, meaning they keep working for you! You can sign up for the DigiFavs Stitchin' Niche here: and all product links in the newsletter link straight to the product you're advertising thru us.

14) Do you charge a fee if a sale is made?

No, when you pay us to host your banner and help market your products, while it's true that we want to earn money, we also want YOU, the vendor, to keep more of your hard earned money for yourself, so we don't take a 'cut' of your sales.

15) Is DigiFavs a dedicated site, or is it a shared sub-page?

DigiFavs is committed to you, the vendor, thus we have a site JUST for promoting you and your related products. We also advertise DigiFavs at multiple venues to draw potential customers to DigiFavs itself, once a customer visits and sees your great product, they simply click through to see more information from your own site and they can make purchase directly from you.

16) What about copyright violations?

Copyright violation claims are to be handled between the principal parties only as the law prescribes. What is a principal party? Most often in the embroidery market, this would be A) The original creator of the product and B) The person that allegedly took their digitial product and is reselling it. Why? Legally only the principle parties can make valid claims and take valid action. It is impossible for DigiFavs to police every vendor, yet by the same token, were we to discover a vendor was breaking copyright laws purposely, they would be terminated and their products removed from DigiFavs. Please also understand though, that DigiFavs does not operate on rumor or gossip.

17) What happens to my product listings if I join and then leave DigiFavs?

Your product listings will all be removed. Logically DigiFavs cannot promote vendors who are no longer at DigiFavs as represented vendors.

18) Are the owners of DigiFavs digitizers too?

While my husband and I both know how to digitize, I am the only active person digitizing currently. Because we know the amount of work that actually goes into digitizing, we have a special appreciation for the needs of those who cater to the machine embroidery and crafting market.

* If a vendor is on an installment plan, and isn't paying their invoices in a timely manner, or hasn't contacted us, we will put their ads on hold until their bill is paid or other arrangements have otherwise been made. If they continue to not make their payments and do not respond to correspondence from us to help resolve the matter, service will be terminated without consideration of refund.